How do I get my dog to stop jumping the fence?

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Question by Titantic: How do I get my dog to stop jumping the fence?
My dog is a nearly seven month old black lab mix. We live in the suburbs, and all the houses have fenced in backyards. These fences are about three feet tall. My dog, Kipper jumps the fence into other people’s yards. He only does this when we take the other dog out of the yard by himself, and sometimes when we are not home. The other dog does not do this.

Is there anyway to train Kipper out of jumping the fence without the use of electronic equipment?
We cannot make the fence higher, use an electric fence, or use an electric collar.

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Answer by Jak
Do turrets count as electrical equipment

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5 thoughts on “How do I get my dog to stop jumping the fence?

  1. I would have to say DONT get a electronic fence cause he/she could get electracuted and maybe die just by that so build a bigger fence or tie him up with a long lesh at less he can run but not long enough for him to reach the fence

  2. There are many types of fencing are available in the market .Choose one which suites to your garden to prevent to stop your dog to jump.In my opinion bamboo fences and electric fence are good.

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