How to you properly bury a family pet @ home?

Question by bjp72au: How to you properly bury a family pet @ home?
Pet was a lab; death was by natural cause and she had been under the care of a veterinarian.

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Answer by zeus_daughter2
make sure you know where your gas and electric lines are before you dig.

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  1. when my golden retriever died, we digged a big hole (around 3 feet) wrapped her in a blanket, put some toys in with her then planted a rosebush on top………
    sorry about ur loss, i feel for you

  2. First, determine a place for the burial. Consider you probably don’t want the remains disturbed for several years. Second, (Important) check your property/utility facilities and structures do not interfere with that area (someone might be burying you and the pet if you inadvertantly find a power line!). Third, wrap the pet in a biodegradable cloth like burlap – maybe cotton if you had sacrificed enough tee-shirts for playful uses. Fourth, DIG, DIG, DIG, you want him at least a couple feet of soil over the top of him. Fifth, fill in the grave – depending on the soil you may have to tamp it down to reduce odor in the next several days from easily giving the location away to scavangers. Lastly, mark the site or not depending on your preference.

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