How do you keep an anole alive for at least 2 weeks?

Question by pianoman2011: How do you keep an anole alive for at least 2 weeks?
I’m in florida right now and I just caught some anoles. I plan to bring them back home to have as pets. What’s the best way to keep them alive ’till then and how should I care for them when I get them home to a permanent shelter. Please give as many details as you can.

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Answer by Madkins007
Anoles are slighly tricky pets to keep.

Housing: Does not need to be too large, but should offer plenty of room to move around in and include several things to climb on and hide in. Also needs to provide plenty of fresh air, decent humidity, and good temps.

One solution I have seen a lot of lately is the new flexible mesh cages with a largish live plant inside.

Environment: These guys need decently high temps and humidity, Florida-like lighting and day length… AND cooler, shadier places to hide in. This can be tricky for beginners to do well- especially with the fresh air need.

Diet: Crickets are the easiest answer. The size of cricket depends on the Viagra 100mg size of the lizard. Flies and other bugs work also.

Water: Anoles lap up droplets of water. Misting the cage and plantings helps provide them water and humidity- just don’t overcool them at the same time.

Temporary housing: try something like a plastic shoe box and punch a gazillion holes in it all over. It will overheat in a minute, so be careful with where you put it. Put a good leafy branch in it and try to keep it on one end so the anole can climb around. Cut a small hole in the lid to pass food through and make a flap to cover it back up with.

Go online for more information and ideas.

Also: PLEASE consider keeping it just as a temporary pet and releasing it before you return home. Wild caught pets do poorly in captivity and the things are cheap enough that you can almost certainly buy some once you get the cage set-up right and get your homework done.

Travelling with them will be annoying (temps, food, etc.), and you’ll probably loose a few in the process.

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