Q&A: What are your tips for keeping a pet ferret as healthy as possible?

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Question by Emily Huff: What are your tips for keeping a pet ferret as healthy as possible?
I am to be getting a pet ferret soon and I understand that they are prone to illness and unfortunately terminal disease. So I was wondering some things you can do to keep a ferret as healthy as possible, and anything that may prevent sickness. Also, do you recommend buying from a pet store or home breeder? Do home breeders usually spay/neuter, and get the shots for the ferret babies?

Be as detailed as possible! I know they are a difficult pet to take care of and I want to be prepared.

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Answer by Brianna!
Id recommend getting from a breeder.
They have better blood lines and you can actually tract their history down to know what diseases they may carry.
But its way easier to get from a pet store and its cheaper.
Usually breeders ferrets aren’t descended,neutered,or have their shots so you have to pay for all of that.
Most pet stores carry marshall ferrets which are healthy ferrets also.
(i have one ferret from a breeder and 2 marshall ferrets)

I would HIGHLY recommend switching them to a raw/whole prey diet.
Its way healthier than store bought kibble no matter how good people tell you the kibble is-it wont compare to raw feeding. Raw feeding prevents MANY diseases,keeps teeth cleaner,makes their coat all shiny, and builds muscle instead of fat. If you are interested in feeding your ferret raw you can e-mail me and i can give you TONS of info about it and help you switch your ferret to it.(brianna5769594@yahoo.com).

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