Q&A: what is the incubation period for a zebra finch?

Question by Gary H: what is the incubation period for a zebra finch?
I just brought these birds home last week from pet smart. already the female has layed eggs. is there anything I need to do? they have everything they need in that cage.

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Answer by Thinker
Hi there,
I can see that this is your first time breeding finches. Now in this case, there is one thing you need to do. That is RESEARCH! On yahoo answers, we can’t possibly give as much details as books and different websites. There are plenty around. So I’ll give you some recommendation on sources and info.

1. How to Look After Your Pet Birds (Mark Evans)
- This is an excellent book for all bird keepers. It focuses on mainly budgies, however it the information provided is also suitable fr Zebra Finches. Its definitely a great guide for pet birds.

2. http://www.zbirds.com/breeding.html
- This is a great website on breeding zebra finches. It answers your question if you scroll down to the bottom of the page (incubation is 14 days). I also found this website helpful.

So that’s the 2 best sources I would recommend. But once again, there’s heaps more out there. Good luck on breeding your zebra finches.

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